Warwickshire Conservatives | A budget that invests in Warwickshire and protects the most vulnerable
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A budget that invests in Warwickshire and protects the most vulnerable

A budget that invests in Warwickshire and protects the most vulnerable

Warwickshire County Councillors met today to set their annual budget and with no political group in overall control a joint budget was agreed between the Conservatives and Labour

The Conservative and Labour groups at Warwickshire County Council today (Thursday 2nd February) agreed a joint-budget with Council leader Izzi Seccombe pledging to continue her programme of investment in the county and to protect the most vulnerable residents.

Commenting after the budget was agreed, Council leader Izzi Seccombe (Con) said: “Despite incredibly challenging circumstances we have seen considerable growth in Warwickshire in recent years. Today’s budget will build upon the good work already done by the Conservative administration at Shire Hall since 2013.

“We will be creating an Investment Fund to improve the county’s infrastructure and we will be providing additional support to help regenerate our town centres. We will also build on the incredible success of our Apprenticeship Hub that has led to the County Council itself, as well as many local firms, being listed within the top 100 UK businesses delivering apprenticeships.

Cllr Seccombe continued: “As well as continuing to deliver economic growth across the county this budget will provide additional support for our most vulnerable residents. We will be providing further investment in Extra Care Housing which will support people in their own homes, giving them the independence they crave as well as the support they need.

“Although this is a joint budget with the Labour group it has at its heart one of the Conservatives’ principal pledges: to support hard working families and keep them safe. We will be investing £1m more to improve the safety of routes to schools, protected the Home to School Transport budget, continued the investment in LED lighting which will support our ambition to turn many of the county’s street lights back on at night in the coming years and have ensured that none of Warwickshire’s retained fire-fighters will be lost.

“Despite the challenging conditions thanks to strong and responsible leadership under the Conservatives the Council is on a sound financial footing. We need to continue that good work in the coming years to ensure Warwickshire realises the bright future that we are building.”

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