Warwickshire Conservatives | A Safer Journey to School Thanks to Local Councillors
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A Safer Journey to School Thanks to Local Councillors

A Safer Journey to School Thanks to Local Councillors

Warwickshire County Councillors Yousef Dahmash and Kam Kaur have funded a new crossing in Bilton to make journeys to, and from, school safer for parents and children

Parents and young pupils in Bilton are enjoying a safer journey to, and from, school thanks to a new crossing funded by local councillors.

After parents raised concerns about the safety of the route to Bilton Junior School from some parts of the Woodlands Estate in Bilton local Warwickshire County Councillors for Caldecott
Yousef Dahmash and Kam Kaur acted quickly to get the funding in place for a new crossing.

The call for a new crossing was led by local parent Denise Colledge who said: “We desperately needed a safe crossing and I, and all of the parents, in the area are so pleased that we now have one. I would like to thank Yousef and Kam for all of their hard work and for delivering for the local community.”

Cllr Yousef Dahmash said: “Making sure that routes to school are safe is a huge priority for me. As someone with two young children I know personally how important it is that both parents and pupils can get to and from school safely. It is also a priority for the County Council who are investing across Warwickshire as part of the Safer Routes to Schools initiative.”

Cllr Kam Kaur said: “When parents approached Yousef and I about a new crossing we immediately set about putting the funding in place. As well as the installation of the new crossing I am delighted that the area around it has also been made safer by extending the double yellow lines to prevent inconsiderate, and dangerous, parking. We are also working on a new crossing on Bawnmore Road which will be in place very soon.”

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