Warwickshire Conservatives | Conservatives call for Labour apology over ‘politics of fear’
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Conservatives call for Labour apology over ‘politics of fear’

Conservatives call for Labour apology over 'politics of fear'

Conservatives call for Labour apology over ‘politics of fear’

Deputy Leader of the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council Conservative Group, Cllr Clare Golby, has demanded an apology from Nuneaton Labour over their scaremongering regarding the future provision of services at the George Eliot Hospital.

A recent news update on the George Eliot Hospital website has appeared telling everyone of exciting new changes that have started which will improve access to A&E and Urgent Care for the local community. Not only this but existing facilities are being enlarged.

Conservative Councillor Clare Golby

Cllr Clare Golby, Arbury Ward Councillor, whose area covers the George Eliot Hospital, said:

“Not that long ago the local Labour group were literally waving banners in the town centre proclaiming ‘save our George Eliot’ and claiming that NHS talk of consolidation and reconfiguration of A&E services at the Eliot meant that not only A&E would be closed or downgraded but Intensive care would also close!!
“I was honestly shocked that these claims were being made, especially when it seemed that, unlike myself, they hadn’t even bothered to make contact with the GEH senior staff about these supposed closures.”

Following the rumours generated by local Labour, which were completely without basis or any other form of evidence, Cllr Golby took matters into her own hands and met the senior staff at the George Eliot Hospital to hear directly from the hospital what their plans were for the community.

Cllr Golby continued: “They, the GEH Senior Staff, were very clear when I met them that there were no planned closures for A&E, but despite this being relayed to the full council in the council chamber, the Labour group persisted in their outrageous and baseless claims leading to some of our residents becoming very distressed. I mean can you imagine if you needed treatment that required the hospital Intensive Care Unit or if you worked at the GEH and you were hearing about closures like this?!

“Staff were so worried that the GEH themselves issued a letter giving ‘categoric assurances that there were no plans to close A&E’ but ultimately they were only put in that position by the persistent and unfounded speculation of the Labour Group and their banner waving antics fueling public and media speculation. It should never have happened & the only reason I can see that it did happen was in the hope of scoring some cheap political points in the run up to the county council elections.”

Despite the claims by local Labour, it has recently been announced that with additional funding provided by the Conservative Government services at the George Eliot Hospital are far from being reduced, but actually are being improved.

These improvements create a ‘One Stop Shop’ Emergency Department, accessed through one front door that incorporates A&E, out-of-hours GP services, urgent care and the minor injury service and they aim to increase capacity, improve waiting areas and decrease waiting times for GEH patients.

Cllr Golby concluded: “Finally, I would say, on behalf of the residents of this borough and beyond that the Labour Group should offer an unreserved apology to all those residents and staff of the GEH who, as a result of these unfounded claims, were hoodwinked into believing GEH A&E was set to close its doors.”

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