Warwickshire Conservatives | Conservatives fear consequences of wasteful Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors
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Conservatives fear consequences of wasteful Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors

Conservatives at Shire Hall, Warwickshire County Council

Conservatives fear consequences of wasteful Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors

Following the disappointing initial announcements by the Government on this year’s Local Government Finance Settlement for Warwickshire Cllr Seccombe spearheaded a successful campaign to lobby for additional funding. The result was an extra £6m of transitional funds for the County Council over the next two years.

With more money on the table for Warwickshire councillors returned to Shire Hall yesterday to debate how best to use the funds to protect, and support, local people in the county.

Conservative councillors wanted to use the one-off money in invest to save areas around Adult Social Care, where there are significant financial pressures, whilst keeping funds in reserves to help mitigate future efficiency savings which the Council is required to make.

Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors joined forces to reject the Conservative’s plans for prudent financial management deciding instead to spend almost all of the money without planning for the future.

After the debate at Shire Hall Cllr Seccombe said: “True to Labour’s principles they have decided to spend almost every penny the Conservative Group on the Council fought so hard to obtain from the Government. Supported by the Liberal Democrats they have chosen to waste valuable and carefully sought money that would have helped the people of Warwickshire in the future.”

Cllr Seccombe continued: “Labour and the Liberal Democrats cannot be trusted with hard-working taxpayer’s money. Today has again proved that they remain a Party committed to the irresponsible policy of spend, spend, spend. As long as the Conservatives are in the minority, and Labour can influence fiscal decisions in Shire Hall, the financial position of this Council is in jeopardy.”

Cllr Seccombe concluded: “The Conservative-led administration on the Council have spent three years making difficult, but necessary, decisions to ensure that we continue to protect vital services and support vulnerable people and we have retained the support of the public throughout. Today the people of Warwickshire were badly let down by Labour and the Liberals who have failed to plan for the future and protect local people.”

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