Warwickshire Conservatives | Councillor Works With Police and Fire Service To Tackle Arson
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Councillor Works With Police and Fire Service To Tackle Arson

Councillor Works With Police and Fire Service To Tackle Arson

A local Conservative councillor has reached out to the local police and fire service to work together following a spate of small fires in a Nuneaton community.

Warwickshire County Councillor Dan Gissane has contacted officers from Warwickshire Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team and the arson reduction team at Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service asking to work together to deal with the growing problem in Galley Common.

A number of small field fires have been deliberately started in recent weeks in Park Lane and in a field close to several horses at the disabled riding school in Galley Common village.

Now Cllr Gissane has confirmed that he has been in talks with other services to tackle the problem and have a plan in place before the school summer holidays.

Following talks, Cllr Gissane has asked for the Borough’s mobile CCTV cameras to be deployed around Park Lane and entrances to Whytell Pool and Meadows. Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service have agreed to task their BIKE team to patrol the areas whilst the police will increase their presence around the area.

Cllr Gissane said: “These fires are started by mindless idiots with little regard for the safety of others, tying up valuable fire service resources dealing with these fires puts lives at risk.

“Nuneaton and Bedworth suffers from more deliberate fires than anywhere else in Warwickshire. We need to work together to educate young people in the dangers.

“I am working closely with the police and fire service to put together an action plan to deal with these incidents and will continue to work hard to try to prevent them.”

Sergeant Neil Pearsall from Warwickshire Police Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We are working closely with Warwickshire fire and rescue as well as increasing patrols in and around Galley Common, with Officers on foot patrols and the use of our off-road motorcycle team. We are also using social media to work with the Community to identify potential offenders.

“Starting small fires is a serious offence and can easily spread causing severe damage and endanger life. Anyone who is identified deliberately starting fires will be dealt with swiftly and robustly. Any information regarding this can be submitted via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or through direct contact with Nuneaton Safer Neighbourhood Team.”

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