Warwickshire Conservatives | Councillors Tackle Rogue Car Sales in Nuneaton and Bedworth
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Councillors Tackle Rogue Car Sales in Nuneaton and Bedworth

Councillors Tackle Rogue Car Sales

Councillors Tackle Rogue Car Sales in Nuneaton and Bedworth

Conservatives at both Nuneaton Town Hall and Shire Hall have identified the need to address this issue as the proliferation of car sales across Nuneaton and Bedworth increases to unacceptable levels.

Whilst acknowledging that local individuals may wish to advertise on their own land and properties, it is unacceptable for these obtrusive and often illegal cars to be sold on the highway.

Cllr Kris Wilson (Whitestone) said: “As local Councillors on the eastern side of Nuneaton, including St Nicolas, Whitestone and Bulkington, we have noticed a marked increase in the number of illegal sales from the roadside. Whilst we have previously been able to address odd car sales within existing powers, the explosion numbers needs to be tackled.

“Both Conservative Borough and County Councillors are currently pursuing additional options to help deal with these unacceptable distractions within the area. Cllr Julian Gutteridge and I have made numerous representations to officers at the Town Hall, and have asked them to look at further options – including the possibility of prosecutions, if appropriate – in order to stop these illegal activities.”

Whilst Conservatives at the Town Hall have been pushing for action, their colleagues at Shire Hall have also been addressing the problem at County level.

County Cllr Jeff Clarke, Nuneaton East, said: “I have also received a number of e-mails and phone calls from my constituents alerting me to this increasingly annoying and potentially dangerous issue. I recognise that the selling and buying of cars from the highway can be unsafe due to accountability of the sellers, the safety and legality of the vehicle being sold and the risk to potential buyers dealing with unrecognised car traders.

“I, along with my other Conservative County Councillors, are pursuing this with officers at Shire Hall, who will work with their Borough counterparts in order to remove this blight and unsafe practice from this Borough’s highways. In order to ensure an effective solution both County and Borough Conservative Councillors are working across our Borough to address this issue.”

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