Warwickshire Conservatives | Donate
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Donate to the Conservative Party online

Labour oppose our plans to rescue the economy and fix the tax and benefits system to reward hard work. We can’t let them win – and your donation will help ensure they don’t.


Unlike Labour, we cant rely on millions from the Unions to fund our campaigns. Instead, we rely on the generosity of our supporters. Any donation you could give will be a massive help in our fight for a fairer, better future.


Here’s how your donation will help us to get our message out across Warwickshire:


  • £20 This will enable us to send out 100 letters to swing voters


  • £50 The cost of printing 250 election posters 


  • £80 This pays for 3,000 calling cards for doorstep campaigning


  • £200 The cost of telephone canvassing 1,000 pledges


  • £600 This pays for 5,000 election leafets


  • £1000 The cost of producing 25,000 campaign newspapers



Click here to make a donation to The Conservative Party online through the Conservatives.com website.



You can also make a donation by sending a cheque to your local Conservative Association. Click here to find details of Conservative Associations in Warwickshire.