Warwickshire Conservatives | Nuneaton and Bedworth: Conservatives call for apology over Climbing Wall fiasco
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Nuneaton and Bedworth: Conservatives call for apology over Climbing Wall fiasco

Conservatives call for apology over Climbing Wall fiasco

Nuneaton and Bedworth: Conservatives call for apology over Climbing Wall fiasco

Opposition Conservatives have called for an apology from Labour over wasted money following decision to ‘externalise’ the Climbing Wall.

Following last week’s Cabinet meeting at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council where it has been revealed that Labour are going to externalise – or in laymans’ terms privatise – the Climbing Tower, local Conservatives have revealed that £175,000 has been wasted by Labour on a White Elephant project.

Cllr Kris Wilson (Whitestone), Leader of the Opposition, said: “It is absolutely shameful that at a time when Labour insist on pleading poverty, the controlling group at the Town Hall will not apologise for their costly vanity project that has over the past 2 years cost £175,000 – not including the initial capital outlay to purchase the wall. As far as we are concerned this wall should not be privatised, it should be scrapped.”

With almost 2% of residents’ council tax money being wasted – which by Labour’s own admission only raised £2,000 – Conservatives have condemned that this White Elephant has come at the expense of the Borough’s beloved Play Rangers Scheme.

Cllr Wilson continued: “Two years ago Labour introduced this scheme. Without consultation they withdrew the Play Rangers Scheme in favour of the now-infamous invisible wall. The Play Rangers operated around the year and was used and enjoyed by far more children across Nuneaton and Bedworth then this wall ever reached. It is a real shame that our children were deprived of such a wonderful scheme only to see that money wasted.

“Labour bought the wall without suitable vans to tow it. They bought the wall without trained staff to use it. For all the use this wall has been Labour might as well have put the money on the Civic Bonfire because more people would have seen the money go up in smoke than who actually have seen the climbing wall.”

Cllr Wilson concluded: “I believe that Labour should apologise to the residents’ of Nuneaton and Bedworth for wasting £175,000 of taxpayers’ money and the shambles they made of its implementation. I call on them to scrap the wall completely and look at reintroducing the Play Rangers as soon as possible. But I won’t hold my breath!”

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